Again Aurora above Styria

Intense Aurora displayed above central Europe on Nov 20, 2003

The coronal mass ejection that hit Earth's magnetic field on Nov. 20th was hurled into space on Nov. 18th by sunspot 484.

The show already started at 19h local time with a red dome to the northwest, changing the shape within each minute.
Later the sky showed a bright and huge green arc from northwest to northeast surrounded by a faint red glow. I used my Canon 10D on a tripod with the Sigma 20 mm lens at f/2.8 and ISO200, time 20h25

At the same time faint gray and red curtains waved high up to the west.
Image data: 1 min at f/2.8 and ISO200 at 20h31 (stretched)

The aurora moves towards north and reaches a second peak at 22h.
Image data: 1 min at f/3.5 and ISO200 at 22h12

A last image to the northeastern sky above my home.
Image data: 1 min at f/3.5 and ISO200 at 22h27