New 16" Cassegrain installed
Dec 29, 2004

On Dec 29 we celebrated with some astro-colleages the installation of my new telescope, that I got the day before from Philipp Keller. It just fits to the 3 m dome after I had cut the concrete pier down to 800 mm height, a very lousy work.
Everything went well with the installation, so we had first light the same evening, the weather allowed some trial targets.

Here you see the primary corrector lens with motorised focus and the STL11000 installed.
The field at f/3 is fully corrected over a circle of 60 mm. However some vignetting on the STL occurred, so the threaded adapter will be changed to a flanged one.

This is the back view with the uncorrected cassegrain focus at f/10 The focuser is 4" inside.

This is the total view from the mount side, showing the carbon fibre rods, they provide a very stable focus.
The cable around the camera prevents dew formation during storage. Also the main mirror is protected with a 20 W heater cable from the back to prevent dew formation.