Namibia 2004

10 days and nights at Hakos

Checkout a 270° animated panorama of Hakos in detail below:


My wife and me stayed at the guest farm Hakos, situated 120 km southwest from Windhoek in a mountainous area near the Gamsberg Pass at 1800m elevation.
The team managing the farm from left to rigth: Walter, his daughter Waltraud and her husband Friedhelm. They assure a very warm and personal atmosphere for the guests. Friedhelm is experienced with all the problems amateur astronomers may have.
Close to the farm there is the IAS observatory housing a C14 and a 18" Bath astrograph on 2 heavy mounts with roll-off roofs.
The Hakos observatory with roll-off roof (in the back) houses a C8 and a 5" refractor on a heavy Zeiss mount. Beside it there is a platform with 2 steel piers that can be rented to carry any personal equipment. The wind shields (mesh) are very effective and allow imaging even under heavy wind.

Here you see my setup with the AP400 from Michael Karrer, carrying the 4" TMB and the STL-11000, now coupled to the 200mm Canon lens. The combo proved well even during heavy wind conditions.

During the night the temperatures fell down to chilling 3-10 C.

In the free time we enjoyed very much the impressive scenery, the friendly environment, delicious meals and warm coffee and tea throughout the night.


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