NGC 185 Dwarf Galaxy

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About this Image

NGC 185 (also known as Caldwell 18) is a dwarf spheroidal galaxy about 2.08 million light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia. It is a member of the Local group, and is a satellite galaxy of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31).

Unlike most dwarf elliptical galaxies, NGC 185 contains young stellar clusters, and star formation proceeded at a low rate until the recent past. NGC 185 has an active galactic nucleus (AGN) and is classified as a type 2 Seyfert galaxy.

A nice irregular background galaxy (UGC 378) can be seen south-west of NGC 185.

Find a labeled image by Bernhard Hubl showing the positions of some globular clusters here: 1.

North is up.

Find a Hubble image of the eastern part of NGC 185 (source: Hubble Legacy Archive)


Technical Details


16" cassegrain in corrected secondary focus at f/10

Mount ASA DDM-85XL
Camera SBIG STX16803 at -25C, STX filter wheel
Filters Baader 65x65mm LRGB
Date Sep 2012
Location Wildon/Austria
Sky Conditions mag 5.5 sky, raw FWHM 1.5-2.2", temperature 10-15 C
Exposure L:R:G:B = 480:80:100:100 minutes (20-minute sub-exposures)
Programs used Autoslew
Maxim DL 5
Photoshop CS5