Globular Cluster NGC 4372


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About this Image

The globular cluster NGC 4372 in the constellation Musca is obscured by interstellar gas and dust and therefore appearing in a yellow-red shade. It is situated south of the dark Doodad Nebula, a nice extended bow of obscuring dust. Scientific investigations showed, it is a cluster with one of the lowest metallicities.

The distance to NGC 4372 is approx. 19000 light years.
North is down.

Technical Details


20 " Keller cassegrain in corrected secondary focus at f/9

Mount Liebscher GEM
Camera SBIG STL-11000M at -20C, 8-pos STL filter wheel
Filters Baader RGB
Date May 08, 2008.
Location IAS/Hakos Namibia
Sky Conditions dark skies, raw FWHM: 2.0-2.1"
temperature 10 C,
Exposure R:G:B = 20:20:20 minutes (10-minute sub-exposures); synthetic luminance used
Programs used Maxim DL 4.5
Photoshop CS3