Centaurus A Galaxy (NGC5128)


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About this Image

The Centaurus A galaxy is situated in the M83 group of galaxies. It is one of the most investigated and peculiar galaxies in the sky, and is a strong source of radiation in all frequency ranges; it is actually the nearest radio galaxy. A supermassive black hole at the center of the galaxy is exciting the surrounding areas to emit various kinds of powerful radiation.
It is of intermediate type between elliptical and disk (spiral) galaxies. The main body has all characteristics of a large elliptical, but a pronounced dust belt is superimposed well over the center, forming a disk plane around this galaxy. The distance to the galaxy is approximately 15 million light years.

A very interesting item for scientific research is the very extended star halo that spans far out of the galaxy. Additionally blue tidal streams have been found in the outer areas.
North is to the right.

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Technical Details


20 " Keller cassegrain in corrected secondary focus at f/9

Mount Liebscher GEM
Camera SBIG STL-11000M at -15C, 8-pos STL filter wheel
Filters Baader LRGB
Date Apr 30, 2008
Location IAS/Hakos Namibia
Sky Conditions dark skies, raw FWHM 1.2-1.4" temperature 15 C,
Exposure C:L:R:G:B = 40:60:30:30:30 minutes
(20-minute sub-exposures for C, others 10 minutes); all 1x1.
Programs used Maxim DL 4.5;
Photoshop CS3