Galaxy Field in Bootes (NGC 5943, NGC 5945, NGC 5934, NGC 5935)

Image aquisition by the Capella Team (S. Binnewies, J. Poepsel)
Image processing by Johannes Schedler


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About this Image

This deep exposure is showing one fifth square degree of our night sky in the Constellation Bootes.
The field is dominated by the ringed barred SBab galaxy NGC 5945 left of the center at a distance of 250 million light years.
Below is the distorted and dusty galaxy NGC 5943 is showing signs of a recent collision with another galaxy resulting in extended star streams to both sides of the galaxy.
To the right border an interacting galaxy pair (NGC 5934 and NGC 5935) also is showing extended star halos.
Find below a stretched image to show the faint streams in 22/35 % size.

North is up

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Technical Details


24 " cassegrain in secondary focus at f/8 (Capella Observatory)

Mount K140 Knopf GEM
Camera SBIG STX-16803M at -30C
Filters Astrodon LRGB
Date June - July 2011
Location Shinakas/Crete/Greece
remote-controlled from Much & Bad Arolsen/Germany
Sky Conditions raw FWHM 1.2"
Exposure L:R:G:B = 330:60:60:75 minutes (15-minute sub-exposures); remotely aquired
Credit and copyright Stefan Binnewies, Josef Poepsel, Johannes Schedler
Programs used Maxim DL 5;
Photoshop CS5