A Planetary (IC 1295) and a Globular (NGC 6712)

Image aquisition by the Capella Team (S. Binnewies, J. Poepsel)
Image processing by Johannes Schedler


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About this Image

This apparently close pair of a planetary nebula and a globular cluster is situated in the Constellation Scutum.
The globular cluster NGC 6712 at a distance of 22000 light years is embedded in a dense milky way star field.

Apparently at a distance of 24 arc min the multiple shell elliptical planetary nebula IC 1295 is situated. It is shining in the intense blueish O-III emission line at a distance of 3200 light years, its apparent diameter is 1.7 arc min. It is resembling the blown-off gas shell of a dying star. The target has not been imaged frequently.

North is to the top right corner.

Below you see a crop on the planetary nebula in 50/100% size.

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Technical Details


24 " cassegrain in secondary focus at f/8 (Capella Observatory)

Mount K140 Knopf GEM
Camera SBIG STX-16803M at -30C
Filters Astrodon LRGB
Date July 02 - Aug 02, 2011
Location Shinakas/Crete/Greece
remote-controlled from Much & Bad Arolsen/Germany
Sky Conditions raw FWHM 2"
Exposure L:R:G:B = 120:45:45:60 minutes (15-minute sub-exposures); remotely aquired
Credit and copyright Stefan Binnewies, Josef Poepsel, Johannes Schedler
Programs used Maxim DL 5;
Photoshop CS5