The Fireworks Galaxy (NGC 6946)

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About this Image

NGC 6946 is a spiral galaxy located approximately 23 million light years from Earth, on the border between the constellations Cepheus and Cygnus. The galaxy also is known as the Fireworks Galaxy, Arp 29, and Caldwell 12.
NGC 6946 is highly obscured by interstellar matter of the Milky Way galaxy, as it is quite close to the galactic plane, a lot of our milkyway's stars are shining in the foreground as well.

North is to the top.

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Technical Details


16" cassegrain in corrected secondary focus at f/10

Mount ASA DDM-85XL
Camera SBIG STX16803 at -25C, STX filter wheel
Filters Baader 65x65mm LRGB
Date July 2011
Location Wildon/Austria
Sky Conditions mag 5.5 sky, raw FWHM 1.6-2.8", temperature 18-25 C
Exposure L:R:G:B = 400:100:100:100 minutes (20-minute sub-exposures)
Programs used Autoslew
Maxim DL 5
Photoshop CS5