h and chi Persei Double Cluster (NGC 869/884)

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About this Image

The Double Cluster in the constellation Perseus in a distance of 7000 light years is famous binocular object.
The two clusters consist of hot and young stars, seperated by only a few hundred light years, so born within the same star forming region.

North is up.

Technical Details


16" cassegrain in secondary focus at F/10

Mount MK100 GEM
Camera SBIG STX-16803 at -30C, FW-8 filter wheel
Filters 65x65mm Baader LRGB
Date Nov 2010.
Location Wildon/Austria
Sky Conditions mag 5 sky, 1.6-2.2" seeing, temperature 10 C,
Exposure 2-part mosaic, exposure valid for each panel
L:R:G:B = 30:30:30:40 min (10-minute sub-exposures),
all 1x1 bin.
Used programs Maxim DL 5
Photoshop CS3