Omega Centauri Globular Cluster (NGC 5139)


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About this Image

The globular cluster NGC 5139 in Centaurus is the most massive star cluster with approx. 5 million suns. It is situated approx. 16,000 light-years away. Most of the stars in this image belong to this huge cluster.
Many of the yellow-white stars smaller than our Sun, numerous yellow-orange Red Giants and many hot blue old straggler stars are featuring a nice color contrast in this dense cluster. The view represents the centrat part of the huge cluster.
North is up.

Find a wider view: here.

Technical Details


20 " Keller cassegrain in corrected secondary focus at f/9

Mount Liebscher GEM
Camera SBIG STL-11000M at -15C, 8-pos STL filter wheel
Filters Baader LRGB
Date Apr 29, 2008
Location IAS/Hakos Namibia
Sky Conditions dark skies, raw FWHM 1.5-1.6" temperature 15 C,
Exposure L:R:G:B = 200:200:200:200 sec (100 sec sub-exposures);
all 1x1.
Programs used Maxim DL 4.5;
Photoshop CS3