Blue Moon Eclipse Dec 31, 2009

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About this Image

The partial lunar Eclipse on the last day of the year 2009 at the same time is a so called Blue Moon - the second full Moon in the month. Typically only once a year a Blue Moon is occurring. Through fast moving clouds a short glimpse to the moon was possible. During the maximum eclipse the umbra only covered approx. 8% of the Moon's area.

Happy New Year to all!


Technical Details


Canon EF 100 mm lens at f/4

Mount Tripod
Camera Canon 40D modified in raw mode
Filters none
Date Dec 31, 2009 19h30 UT.
Location Altaussee/Austria
Sky Conditions cloudy, temperature -5 C
Exposure Combination of 5 exposures 1/180 sec at ISO 400 for eclipsed Moon with 1 exposure 8 sec at ISO 400 for the background.
Processing Canon capture in remote connection, processing in PS CS3