Currently I use several different imaging platforms:
* a Imaging Source firewire DMK21BF04 webcam
* a Canon 40D (modified SLR digicam) only for widefield images with different Canon lenses
* a SBIG STX-16803 CCD camera

See the DMK21BF04 webcam setup at the f/10 focus with ATIK filter wheel and 2x barlow at right.

The SBIG STX-16803 is attached to the prime or secondary focus of the cassegrain with a flanged custom adapter;
The camera uses its internal guide chip. The cassegrain primary focus at f/3 is fully corrected to supply tight stars over the entire field of the STL-11k or ST-8300. The secondary focus can be used with a field flattener at f/10 (0.46"/pixel). See the complete view at the f/10 focus at right

The STL11000M is attached to the secondary focus of the cassegrain with a threaded AP custom adapter;
See a close-up view of the setup at the f/10 focus together with the AO-L at right. The heating cord is used to keep the camera warm while not imaging. This prevents formation of dew inside the camera.

Attached to the TEC-140 refractor at f/7 the image scale of the STL-11000 is 1.9 arc sec/pixel.
See the setup of the TEC with the medium format flattener and custom STL-11000 adapter at right. All connections are threaded.

The room below the observatory was foreseen for remote controlling the telescopes and CCD-imaging via internal cabling. However until now I use my notebook to control the instruments direct beside the scope.
The data transfer with the instrument setup can be done externally by wireless LAN using Sequence, Autoslew, Maxim DL and Sky-X.
See the prepared control room at right.