(links have been updated Oct 24, 2011)
I cannot take responsibility for the contents of the below links, they have been chosen to supply astronomical knowledge and information only.

research private astroimaging pages ccd + astrosoftware imaging resources/education


Anglo Australian Observatory

AAVSO Gamma-Ray Burst Network

European Southern Observatory Homepage

ESO Online Digitized Sky Survey

HST Space Telescope Press Releases

Keck-Hawaii WMKO

LSST Observatory Project

Large Telescopes Worldwide

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Next Generation Space Telescope Home Page

SOHO: The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

Private Astroimaging Pages

Rogelio Bernal Andreo's Astropages!!! Very deep widefield images

Astro Kooperation - by Stefan Heutz and Wolfgang Ries!!! A processing expert and an Asteroid hunter...

Matt BenDaniel's Film Astrophotography!!!

Astrophotography by Steve Cannistra!!!

Capella Observatory!!! - first class german remote amateur observatory in Crete

Adrian Catterall's Morden Observatory!!!

Ken Crawford's CCD Astrophotography!!!

Roland Christen's images and essays a must !!!

Jon Christensen's CCD Astrophotography!!!

Sternwarte Lischerli Radek Chromik - german

Russell Croman's CCD astropages!!! low activity

Thomas Davis's CCD astroimages!!! deep views to faintest objects

F.Dubois' SUN-page!!!

Neil Fleming's astrophotography !!!

Alan Friedman's Planetary Pages!!! - first class high resolution imaging!

Jay GaBany's Cosmotography!!! - poetic and first class astroimaging!

Ralf Gerstheimer's Videoastronomie - german

Rob Gendler's Astroimaging page!!!

John Gleason's CCD + film images!!! H-alpha specialist!

Dietmar Hager's Astropages!!! - Austrian TMB enthusiast

Tony Hallas Astrophoto Gallery!!! legendary

Rochus Hess Astropages!! high quality CCD images from Austria

Bernhard Hubl's Astropages!!! high quality CCD images from Austria

Steven Juchnowski's Astrophotography page!!!

Michael Karrer's Astrophotos!! - High quality astroimaging from southern Austria

Philipp Keller - professional telescope builder!!! - look especially at the images with the professional telescopes

Al Kelly's astrophotography page - lots of images with various instruments

Nauyuki Kuhita's Stellar Scenes !!! - very informative for observing projects

Walter Koprolin's Extragalactic Homepage!! - Austrian

Carl Koppeschaar's ASTRONET (information site)

Thierry Legault's High Resolution CCD Imaging!!!

Jerry Lodriguss' Astrophotography and Tutorials!!!

Loke Kun Tan's CCD Astrophotography!!! (active till 2006)

Brian Lula's Deep Sky Astrophotography!!

Axel Mellinger Deep Sky Images!! (constellations)

Steve Mazlin's Astrophotography!

Meyers Comethunter's Homepage (new discoveries)

Stanley Moore's deep Astrophotography and articles!!!

Damian Peach's Planetary pages !!! unsurpassed quality...

Harald Paleske's Sun pages !!! superb Sun images (german)

Robert P÷lzl's Astropages !!! deep images from the Austrian alps (german)

Wolfgang Promper's CCD Images!!! highest quality from an Austrian robotic telescope

Cord Scholz's CCD Astrophotography!!! no activity

Chris Schur's Film and CCD Astrophotography!!!

Astroimaging from Stefan Seip!!! professional photographer

Charles Shahar's Digitized Sky Survey (DSS2) images!! huge vistas!

Skyhound Observing Guides by CapellaSoft!!!

Spiegelteam Homepage!!! - german

SSRO Star Shadow Remote Observatory!!!

Eddie Trimarchi's ccd-astrophotography!!

Daniel Verschatse's Astrophotography!

Bernd Wallner's Astrophotography!! - german friend with a 24" Keller cassegrain

CCD + Astrosoftware

Aberrator - optics simulation software

Adobe Photoshop - the standard in image processing, now in 16 bit

Astronomical Image Processing - book with AIP-software included, a must!!!

Apogee Instruments - Astronomical CCD Cameras

Astroart image processing - astro software

The AVIedit home - imaging and video editing software

Astrocap - german - software tools for webcam capturing and preprocessing

Axiom Research - MIRA 6 Software

DSLR Focus - Focusing and aquisition tool for Canon DSLRs

CCDStack - very powerful astronomical image processing software

CCDInspector - Fine-tune and analyse your telescope with the CCD camera connected

CCDAutoPilot 3 - Image aquisition and automation software

Finger Lakes Instrumentation -- Astro-CCD Cameras

Genesis CCD -- CCD Cameras

Das GIOTTO-Projekt -- webcam stacking software

ImagesPlus -- powerful image processing software

Iris software - astro + ccd software

Diffraction Limited - astro + CCD software (Maxim DL, The Sky)

NeatImage - effective noise reduction software

Webcam QCUIAG Website - QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group

RegiStar Home Page - image stacking software

SAC CCD Cameras budget astrocameras

SBIG CCD Online -State of the art CCD cameras

Software Bisque astro-planetarium-software (The Sky)

Starlight Xpress CCD cameras - Astro-CCD Cameras

Imaging Resources and Education

Solar System Simulator!!!

Advanced Imaging Conference - November 4 - 6, San Jose

APOD Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive!!!

Adventures in Deep Space - Challenging Observing Projects!!!

Arp (peculiar) Galaxies - database

Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews

The Interactive NGC Catalog Online - database

The STScI Digitized Sky Survey - database

Constellations - Digital images of the sky (also german)

Kitt Peak Advanced Observing Program Adam Block's big deep sky database

Catching the light - Astronomical Highlights presented by Jerry Lodriguss!!!

Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas of the Moon

SEDS Messier Pages!!! - database

Dr. Siobahn M. Morgan's astronomy coarses!!! valuable collection (goto "notes")

Universe in Motion (Gravitas)!!