Eta Carina Nebula (NGC 3372)

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About this Image

The Eta Carina Nebula (NGC3372) is a large bright nebula that has within its boundaries several related open clusters of stars. Bright Eta Carinae at the lower center is a highly luminous hypergiant star. Estimates of its mass range from 100 to 150 times the mass of the Sun, and its luminosity is about four million times that of the Sun. Eta Carinae's effects on the nebula can be seen directly, eroding the dusty and glowing areas nearby. In the center of the image the famous keyhole Nebula can be seen in detail.

Technical Details


Chart32 Keller Cassegrain 800mm, FL 5600mm

Mount Chart32 direct drive fork mount unguided
Camera Nikon D810A with remote timer
Date Jan 2015
Location CTIO Chile
Sky Conditions mag 21.5 sky, temperature 10-15 C
Exposure 8x5min at ISO400 combined
Programs used ImagesPlus
Photoshop CS5