A westward oriented slope has been chosen for building the observatory.

Only to the east there are high trees up the hill that prevent views lower than 40°

The project started in May 2000 with the necessary foundation works for the building.

The room for observing beneath the dome measures 3 x 4 m.

It is made by massive concrete, the support for the pier is a seperate concrete tower 40x50cm down to the foundation.

Here you see myself cleaning after erection of the platform 7 x 4 m above the room, you see the concrete pier, that has no connection to the platform to avoid any vibration by walking on the platform.

You also see the opening for the aluminium stair and the round 3 m insulation step for sealing the dome from water entering.

Me and my sons during erection of the fiberglass dome from Technical Innovations (10" prodome type). All parts were fabricated with care, but needed a lot of work for erection and completion.

It consists of 4 baserings each 30cm including a door section and a 360 turnable dome cover.
Slot with is 90 cm.

You also see the lower entrance to the computer room, that is connected to the main PC in my home.

The lower path from the observatory to the home just finished

The day of official opening of the observatory in october 2000

wodden floor (to reduce heat storage) and balcony finished.