From Alpha to Omega in Crete


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About this Image

This 10x12 degree wide image pointing south has been shot at half moon up from a mountainous site in eastern Crete island as follow-up of a wonderful visual impression of the huge globular cluster Omega Centauri (NGC 5139) in my 80 mm binocular at an altitude of 7 degree. In contrary to the visual impression the stretched image is additionally showing the Centaurus A galaxy (NGC 5128) in the upper part of the image and barely visible the edge-on galaxy (NGC 4945) in the right corner of the image just above the horizon.The declination of these 3 objects is between -43 and -49.5 degree south.
North is up.

Technical Details


Canon EF-L 200mm f/2.8 at f/4

Mount I-Optron Skytracker
Camera Canon 6D DSLR
Date May 15, 2016
Location East-Crete/Greece, elevation 500 m
Exposure 42x20 sec = 840 sec at ISO1600/raw mode in 3 panes,
tracked and untracked images combined
Programs used Adobe Raw
Photoshop CS5