Images taken at Hakos/Namibia in May 2006

Wide field images (DSLR)

Orion at dusk
(20mm lens)

My setup at night
(20mm lens)

(20mm lens)


Images with the STL and EF 200mm L lens

Eta Carina
wide view

(M 16, M 17)

M 6, M 7 area

Coal sack

NGC 6334/6357


Vela SNR

Pipe Nebula


Images with the STL and the TEC-140

NGC 6188
in Ara

Tarantula Nebula
(NGC 2070)

Meathook Galaxy
NGC 2442

Omega Nebula
(M 17)

Running Chicken
(NGC 2944)

B 86 Dark Nebula

Eagle Nebula
(M 16)

Eagle Nebula
(M16) mapped

Centaurus-A Galaxy

Lagoon Nebula (M8)

Lagoon Nebula
(M8) mapped

Omega Centauri

Eta-Carina Nebula

Eta-Carina Nebula mapped